Cab Driver Arrested After Running Woman Off Road & Stabbing Her to Death (VIDEO)

road rage, murder, bronx A woman was killed in New York today after a horrific car chase allegedly culminated into a physical altercation that led to her death. Currently described as a domestic dispute, the man -- a local cabbie -- is thought to have furiously chased down the victim in his taxi. Police say he "rammed" her smaller car until she was forced off of the road. The victim is identified as his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his newborn child.

The impact caused her car to flip over a concrete barrier. Then, police say, before she could free herself, the cab driver left his vehicle and stabbed her multiple times until death.


While details about the tragic and shocking event are continuing to surface, sources are reporting that the suspect blamed the deceased for a recent arrest for driving with a suspended license. At this point, such facts are still all speculative. 

It is truly shocking to consider how quickly a disagreement or annoyance can escalate to an attack like this one. While doubtless the cabbie would have career difficulties without a viable license, surely that pales beside having to explain to your child why they no longer have a mother. How crazed from rage must you be to think such actions are viable? 

Do you think "blacking out" from rage is a real phenomenon? 


Image via Pix11

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