James DiMaggio's Sister Says She Told Her Brother to 'Watch Out' for Hannah Anderson

Hannah ANdersonJames DiMaggio is dead after a shoot-out with police two weeks after they say he killed Christina Anderson and her 8-year-old son Ethan before kidnapping 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and heading for the hills. The manhunt was nearly a week long and the California story garnered national attention for obvious reasons.

Weeks later, Hannah Anderson is back safe in her home with her father. She has spoken out about her ordeal and the law enforcement community has backed her story, assuring a skeptical public that Anderson had nothing to do with her own kidnapping and was as much a victim as her mother and brother.

But some, including DiMaggio's sister Lora DiMaggio, still have their doubts. Last night she went on Piers Morgan to defend her brother and to call Hannah into question. See below:


Whether you believe Hannah Anderson or not, the truth is it feels crass to go on national television and call a minor a liar. DiMaggio says that when she met Hannah Anderson, she told her brother that the girl was "trouble."

On Piers Morgan, DiMaggio claimed Hannah blamed her mother for her father having to work in Tennessee and being so far from the family and that she was very angry at her. Of course, that may very well be true. But that doesn't make Anderson an accomplice.

Lora DiMaggio pointed out that her brother was, by all accounts, a gentle soul and it makes no sense that he would have suddenly changed and done something so horrific. While that is largely true, we can't forget that his own father did something similar nearly 20 years ago. It was in his blood.

The truth is, law enforcement officials -- people who know the case FAR better than any of us -- say Hannah isn't suspected at all. They say she is a victim.

It's easy to rush to judgment and believe things at a glance, but the truth is the only people who know this case believe Hannah Anderson was a victim. I tend to believe them.

Do you think Lora DiMaggio is on to something here?


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