Woman Who Gave Birth in Bar Accused of Killing Baby Before Going Back to Watching the Game (VIDEO)

woman gives birth in barA woman in Pennsylvania is accused of doing the truly unthinkable. Amanda Hein, 26, of Allentown is accused of going to a bar and watching sports with her friends, walking into the bar bathroom, and spending 40 minutes giving birth to a baby no one knew she was carrying.

Authorities say Hein then stuffed the baby into the back of the toilet and walked back to her friends like nothing happened. She even finished watching the game. The baby was found the next day by a maintenance worker, dead and stuffed into the toilet. She allegedly admitted to the crime. Even worse, her friends say she was covered in blood when she came out of the bathroom, but claimed to be "OK."

She went outside, smoked a cigarette, and then finished watching the game like nothing happened. The details of this are so sickening, it's hard to even imagine. How could anyone be so cruel. She could face the death penalty, but this woman sounds like she is criminally insane. See below:


It's hard to even imagine any person who could be heartless enough to do this. When there are so many people who are unable to have children, the fact that this woman found out she was pregnant back in May or June, told no one, and PLANNED to kill it upon birth is just unimaginable.

There are so many other options she could have pursued. Had she found out early enough, then termination was a possibility. But not this way. That ship sailed once she reached a certain point and she was horrifically irresponsible not to deal with this like a grownup.

Her next option was adoption. What she did was never an option.

There is no excuse. It's not like she's a teenager who was afraid of her parents. At 26 she knows better. Even if this baby was a product of a sexual relationship she would rather forget, if she was going to go through the pain of delivery and the end of her pregnancy, why couldn't she have given the full-term baby boy to someone who loved it? It would have been so easy to call 9-1-1 from the bathroom and terminated her parental rights. He could be alive right now and with a family who would love and cherish him.

Instead his lifeless body was found stuffed into a toilet tank. He deserved better. Whether she deserves the death penalty is beside the point. She certainly should not be allowed to be out on the street, possibly doing this again. There is such a lack of humanity, it's hard to even fathom.

Do you think the death penalty would be fair here?


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