Man Arrested for Horrendous Plastic Bag Attack on 9-Year-Old Girl in Store Bathroom (VIDEO)

Can you ever fully protect your kids from crazy? That's the question one mom must be asking herself as she let her 9-year-old girl wander off in a Best Buy store, only to have the girl almost get killed by a psychopath. James Tadros, a complete stranger to the girl, allegedly followed her, forced her into the ladies' room, wrapped a plastic bag over her head, and held her head inside the toilet. Thank goodness a customer heard her scream and alerted employees, who rushed into the bathroom and rescued the girl. But she will no doubt have nightmares for a very long time.


Surveillance video inside the Best Buy in Jacksonville, Florida, reportedly shows 29-year-old Tadros luring the girl away from her mother (unclear how exactly he did this) and then forcing her into the bathroom.

There, he allegedly beat her bloody, threw a plastic bag around her head, and tried to drown her inside the toilet. When an employee heard her screams and rushed into the bathroom, the girl was able to escape the six-foot tall, 250-pound man. Other employees were able to hold the man until police arrived.

If all of this is true and he's found guilty, this is one sick bastard who should not be out on the streets AT ALL. He came to the scene of the crime with a plastic bag -- so he had something planned. He also got a young girl into a public bathroom in a very public place inside of a store with tons of people and cameras -- and then tried to kill her. He obviously does not even have the capacity to understand that what he was did would be quickly found out and he'd be caught. This leads me to believe he has a very strong desire to kill young children.

But since he was charged with attempted murder, this could mean he will get out eventually. Shudder.

It's unclear where the girl's mother was during the attack, but at least one report says she was in the store. Moms do have a tendency sometimes of letting their children wander in stores when they feel safe and complacent -- I see it all of the time. And the vast majority of the time, it's fine. But in this instance it almost resulted in this little girl's horrific death.

Do you feel safe with your kids in stores? Should this man ever be let out of prison if he's found guilty?


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