Missing Baby Joshua Summeries' Suspected Killer Arrested But His Body May Never be Found

Demetries Thorpe
Demetries Thorpe
The search for missing Illinois baby Joshua Summeries is over, but the news is not good. The baby may never be found, but police do know the little boy is dead. Cops say his mother's boyfriend confessed that he killed the baby for crying last week.

Demetries Thorpe has been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly suffocating the 5-month-old before stuffing his body in a backpack and dumping the package in a dumpster. Thorpe allegedly told Joshua's mother the baby was kidnapped, prompting a search of the neighborhood that led police to a local landfill.

They searched that landfill for four days with no luck.


Joshua's body is out there.


But it may never be found.

Thorpe's confession may be enough for police to put him behind bars for a good long time, even without a body, but what about little Joshua? What about his mother? His father? Their grief?

It isn't the fault of the police. They say they did whatever was "humanly possible" to try to find Joshua. They combed that landfill with people, with rakes, with every resource they had, and they came up with nothing.

The best they can do is take his killer and throw him in jail.

What kind of monster kills a child? What kind of monster dumps a child in a Dumpster? What kind of monster delivers this sort of tragedy on a family?

It's hard to say what's more frustrating -- that the little boy died at the hands of someone his mother trusted, someone who should have cared for him or that he will never get a fitting funeral, that his family may never have true closure.

What do you think should happen to Demetries Thorpe?


Image via police

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