Teen Kills His 3 Nephews for $300 ... Promised by Their Father!

A 19-year-old Wisconsin boy did the absolutely unthinkable. He killed his three young nephews and tried to kill his young niece and his pregnant sister-in-law -- all by burning down their house. He did this even though their mother, Sharon Wand, treated him like a son. The three young boys died. His 2-year-old niece, Jessica, survived, but no thanks to teen killer Jeremy Wand, who tried to throw her back into the flames when it looked like she might escape. And he did it all for $300. He's been sentenced to life in prison. But the judge ruled that he's eligible for parole. Why? Because the judge believes he was being coerced and influenced. By his brother and mother!!!


Reportedly, Jeremy Wand's eldest brother, Armin, wanted his wife, four kids, and unborn child all dead. All gone. Why?

So he could "start afresh." With their cashed in insurance policies.

Yep, he didn't want to take the divorce route -- even though the couple's divorce was almost finalized. He wanted to exterminate the entire family he had willingly built himself -- just because he wanted a new life. We've heard this heinous story before and no doubt we will hear it again. The dark side of human nature is very dark indeed.

Armin (who was found guilty and is serving life in prison) apparently talked his brother into helping him burn down the house and kill his family. He would pay him $300.

The capper? Allegedly Armin and Jeremy's mom thought the whole thing was a fine idea. She thought her son Armin deserved a fresh start too. Even if that meant murdering all of her grandchildren and her daughter-in-law.

This sounds like a family that had no morals. A family of sociopaths. And Jeremy, whether he was one or not, grew up in it. Had his mind formed by his mother and older brother from the time he was a child.

Who knows if he could have ever found the willpower to think independently?

At what age is a child supposed to form their own moral character? And can they do that when everyone else in the family has none?

Apparently the judge thinks that Jeremy might deserve a second chance. Hell, this is one person who might do better in prison than being around his own family.

It's easy to say, "He was 19. Old enough to know what he was doing." And it takes a special kind of cruelty and inhumanity to throw a screaming toddler back into a fire. He killed three young boys who "adored" him, according to Sharon. He tried to kill his sister-in-law and niece. Sharon Wand ended up having a miscarriage, so he killed another child too.

It takes a subhuman to do all of this.

But this is all he ever knew. This kind of mind. The subhuman, sociopathic mind.

I am not convinced he deserves a second chance. He's most likely a lost cause. However, even Sharon Wand, who has gone through the worst thing any human being can, thinks Jeremy deserves a chance at parole. When the judge asked her, she replied, "He’s a really good guy. I love him dearly." And admitted he was under the influence of his "abusive" older brother.

It all makes you think about the family's you're born into -- and whether you can ever escape them.

Do you think this teen ever deserves another chance at living in society?


Image via Madison Police Dept.

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