Mom Who Clearly Needs a Vacation Forces Plane Into Emergency Landing

planeSometimes, moms, we need to just cut lose, am I right? A glass of wine, or maybe a scotch. Just a little something to take the edge off after a long day of parenting. Kids can really fray your nerves, I tell ya. And I imagine the desire to imbibe would be a bit more intense if, in addition to being the mother of two, you also happen to run your own company. Talk about stress! But downing "five glasses of wine" while you're 90 minutes into your first class flight, "yelling profanities, and standing up on seats" is a little sophomoric. Stephanie Heizmann Auerbach, owner of the fashion company Stephanie & Co, was arrested after a flight going from New York to Shanghai had to be diverted to Anchorage, Alaska due to alleged behavior that would make any frat boy look like the president of the g.d. chess club. Oh, and fun fact! Stephanie's kids were with her!


According to reports, Stephanie began pacing up and down the aisle in the first class cabin a short while after the plane took off. People supposedly saw her trying to sneak drinks from the galley, and she also allegedly assaulted a passenger, demanding the passenger put on a bracelet. When the passenger refused to put the bracelet on, Auerbach reportedly demanded a flight attendant tell her her name. According to documents, Stephanie also appeared to try to gain access to the pilot, in addition to allegedly hitting a flight attendant after she was issued a notice saying she refused to comply with safety requests. After the plane made an emergency stop in Anchorage to remove Auerbach from the plane, the fashion executive was arrested, while her two children continued on to Shanghai to meet their father.

I think there's only word that can sum up this insane situation: Jesus.

We all eye people when we're on a flight, wondering who the annoying/scary/rude person is going to be. And while some people may not be thrilled at the fact that a 47-year-old mom and her two kids are sitting next to them (out of fear the kids will be a pain), I don't think anyone looks at a mom flying first class and thinks, "Oh, great! Looks like the belligerent lush is sitting in A1!"

These people must have been terrified! Her poor kids must be scarred! There has to be more to this story than what we're hearing, because I've gotta be honest here: This is just weird. Thus far, there have been no reports of a drug and/or alcohol history with Auerbach, and drinking 5 glasses of wine in under two hours on a plane isn't exactly common unless said flight is headed to Cancun some time during the second week of March.

Glad everyone's okay, but man, I'm kinda worried for Stephanie's poor children. If this is true, they're never going to be able to unsee this. And, come to think it, neither will anyone else aboard that flight. Jesus.

What do you think of this?


Image via Andrei DiMofte/Flickr

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