'Horrific Physical Evidence' in Ayla Reynolds' Case to Be Released ... By Her Mom!

Ayla ReynoldsWe've known from the day that police reclassified the Ayla Reynolds case from missing persons to a homicide that something terrible must have happened to the Maine toddler. And now, it seems, we're about to find out. Or, well, in about a month, we'll find out.

Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, has announced that she'll be releasing "horrific physical evidence" relating to the disappearance and death of her daughter. But she won't actually release any of it until September 24, the day before her ex and Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, is scheduled to return to court on an unrelated domestic violence charge.

But if she has it, why wait?


Is a month really going to change anything?

According to posts to the Bring Ayla Home website, Trista will lay out details she's gotten from police about her daughter's case next month online as well as in a press conference. The goal, according to the website post, is to get justice for Ayla by forcing Justin to come out with any details he allegedly has about the little girl's disappearance.

Obviously with Justin headed into a courtroom on September 25, timing would be good to get him "on the record" about his daughter's disappearance. 

But it's been a year and a half since the girl went missing in December 2011. The police have had the information shared with Trista since January 3, 2013. In all that time, no charges have been pressed against Justin, nor has he offered up any more information.

The chance of cops suddenly arresting him are slim. If they could, they'd have done it already!

And he's going to court for a domestic violence charge. There's simply no reason for him to speak to the other matter, especially if it would get him in more trouble.

I can't blame Trista for trying here; she wants answers desperately, and she deserves them.

But if she truly thinks sharing these awful details will help the case, there's no point in waiting. Waiting, timing it to Justin's unfortunate situation, only makes her look like she has a vendetta against her ex.

If these horrifying details are worth sharing, they're worth sharing now. Otherwise, it just looks like another game is being played with this little girl's life.

Do you think these details should be released? When?


Image via Bring Ayla Home

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