James DiMaggio's Family Suspect He Was Hannah Anderson's Father

Ever since James Lee DiMaggio kidnapped Hannah Anderson after bludgeoning her mother to death, killing her younger brother, and then setting his house on fire, the question has been WHY? Of course, none of us know yet. We can speculate. We are speculating. But we don't know. But now DiMaggio's family feels like they might have some idea what happened, and it's more twisted than anything you could possibly imagine. They think that DiMaggio was actually Hannah and Ethan's father.


The family of DiMaggio are asking authorities to conduct a DNA test on Hannah, and Ethan if possible, to determine whether or not the sole suspect in this horrific crime was Hannah's father.

Their reasoning? It was recently revealed that DiMaggio left a $112,000 insurance policy to Hannah's paternal grandmother with the intention that she use it to support Hannah and Ethan.

While it's true that DiMaggio was a longtime friend of the family, and even referred to as "Uncle Jim," why would he feel financially responsible for them if something happened to him? A spokesman for the family says:

He expected the grandmother to take care of the two children with the money. He stated he did not want it to go to their parents because they were having marital problems and he didn't trust them with the money on their own. We are requesting DNA samples from Hannah and anything they can get from Ethan. There are rumors Jim was the children's real father. The parents didn't marry until 2002. We think it's strange he left them so much money with no explanation.

Additionally, the family says that recent Facebook posts by Hannah are "disturbing," and that "some things that Hannah is saying on her Facebook doesn't add up so far." It's unclear what those Facebook posts are.

Of course, none of this gives a motive for why DiMaggio did what he did. But it might explain why "letters" from Hannah were found in his home. Although it's unclear if Hannah or Ethan would have known this.

That said, Hannah's dad, Brett Anderson, is already refuting these latest developments, saying that his wife, Tina, didn't meet DiMaggio until the sixth month of her pregnancy with Hannah. And that Brett's DNA was used to identify the remains of Ethan.

Sounds like one more twist to a tale that already has too many stomach-churning twists.

Do you think there's any validity to this theory?


Image via FBI/Missing Persons of America

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