Kidnapper James DiMaggio Left More Than $100,000 to His Victims' Grandmother

James DimaggioKidnapper James DiMaggio was killed last week in a shoot-out with police after killing Christina Anderson, her 8-year-old son Ethan, and their dog. He then kidnapped her 16-year-old daughter Hannah Anderson and took her to the woods where he kept her hostage for days before the authorities caught up to him. Now, bizarrely, it seems that he left his entire life insurance claim to Hannah's paternal grandmother.

The $112,000 life insurance policy may have gone to Bernice Anderson over his sister Lora Robinson because DiMaggio lived with Bernice for about two years before buying a house in 2009. It may also have been the only way he knew to get the money to Hannah.

It also tells us just how close the Anderson and DiMaggio families were. How could he do this to them?


The police have been very clear in making sure that we know Anderson was a victim. She isn't considered an accomplice and wasn't suspected in any way. But most of us have been struck by the many letters DiMaggio had in his home from her or the 13 phone calls they shared back and forth the day before she went missing. What was that all about?

It seems we might have an answer. "Uncle Jimmy" was someone she trusted and someone her family trusted enough to send her on countless day trips with. He took her to LA and all around for multi-day trips. He lived with her family.

The trust that was broken here is heartbreaking. Hannah's father Brett Anderson is left not only without his wife and son, but also with the knowledge that someone he called "best friend" and gave his whole life to would betray him like that.

Could this happen to any of us? It's the question this horrible case raises. We may never know what caused DiMaggio to snap or whether it was building for months or was something he decided to do in the past few weeks. Whatever it was, it's clear the Anderson family never knew him. I would bet $100K means nothing to them right now.

Why do you think DiMaggio left the money to the grandmother?


Image via police

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