Oscar Pistorius Cried & Prayed During His Indictment for Horrific Valentine's Day Killing

Oscar PistoriusDuring the months between Olympic athlete "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius' last court date on June 4 for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and this one, he has been having himself as grand old time. Photographs taken last week showed him on the beach. Others showed him jogging on his track and wearing a beard. It may seem innocuous, but he was doing all those things while Steenkamp was in the ground. It's pretty profound.

All that is over now. Pistorius has been indicted on murder charges and will now face trial in March. Just before the charges were read, Pistorius held hands with his siblings, prayed, and cried, apparently. Meanwhile Steenkamp's family sat a few feet behind him, having to look right at the man who has openly admitted to shooting their daughter.

He says it was an accident -- he thought he was shooting an intruder. The prosecutors say otherwise. And they also promise they have enough evidence to convict him.


Steenkamp was shot in the early morning hours of February 14. Prosecutors say she was shot after an argument, and some witnesses have reported hearing screams and then gun shots.

According to South Africa's national police commissioner, there is enough evidence to convict. Ironically, the defense will likely try to prove that Pistorius' disability made him particularly frightened of and vulnerable to any intruder who might come into his home. Meanwhile, his disability could also be, ironically, the very thing that convicts him.

Prosecutors say an examination of the bathroom door through which Steenkamp was shot will show the angle or trajectory of the bullets, which could, in turn, show whether Pistorius was standing on his stumps or on his prosthetics. This would be a key point to unravel the defense's claims of terror and late night confusion along with terrible vulnerability. 

It may also show why it has taken so long to get to the indictment. These things desperately need to be proven, and if it takes time to get there, then fine. I have to think Steenkamp's family would rather it be done well than get botched and they lose.

What does the future hold for Pistorius? Only time will tell. Now we have to wait until March to see where it goes. In the meantime, things are finally moving forward.

Do you think it was fair that Pistorius had two months "off" from things?


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