Convicted Pedophile Jerry Sandusky's Victim Gets Huge Payout

Jerry SanduskyHere's a name we haven't missed in the news. We haven't heard much from former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky since his conviction on 45 counts of sexual abuse last year, but his name is back in the news. Because while the pedophile is safely ensconced behind bars -- unable to ever hurt another child -- his victims are still looking for justice.

At least one of them has gotten it -- a 25-year-old man identified as "Victim 5" is the first of the many boys Sandusky hurt while running Second Mile, a football program for at-risk youth on the college campus. He sued Penn State for the trauma he endured, and he won!


Victim 5 reportedly met Sandusky via Second Mile and attended football games at Penn State with him. He said he was groped in the school's showers by the convicted pedophile and was one of the eight young men who bravely testified during Sandusky's trial. Now he will be getting several million dollars out of Penn State.

He's the first victim to get money but surely won't be the last. A total of 26 settlements are expected to come out in the weeks and months ahead, all based on claims made by young men hurt by Sandusky. The claims could hurt the university but is not expected to bankrupt the school, which will go after Second Mile for remuneration.

What do you think of the university paying out? Should the school have to pay up?


Image via police

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