Woman Holding Men Hostage for Sex Was Probably After Something Else (VIDEO)

terry boydHoo boy, when people go off their meds. A Wisconsin woman is accused of holding two men hostage for sex. Terry L. Boyd locked her male roommate and another man in a room at her home and told them she wouldn't let them go unless one of them had sex with her. Police answered the neighbors' complaints about yelling from a second-story room. They broke up the dispute, but neither man wanted to press charges.

Boyd wasn't arrested then, but she was when she showed up at the hospital and got hostile with the staff (she claimed the police had beaten her up). After her release she headed straight home and locked up her roommate again. The police came back and arrested her, this time charging her with false imprisonment, obstructing an officer, and bail jumping.


Okay, so your first response to this story may be to laugh. She held two men hostage and told them they had to have sex with her? It's absurd. That is such a bad idea. She didn't have a weapon or anything -- she just locked the door. And told them to have sex with her. But hold on -- this story is actually kind of sad.

One of the men Boyd held hostage wrote into the comments section of the news report:

I was one of the guys. A lot you don't know about the story. She was off her meds. She planted herself at the front door (only door we have) and would not let us out and she's not exactly small. We will not hurt a woman -- not much we could do but ask pd for assistance. She's not a bad woman -- just needs some mental help.

Another commenter added:

I have known her all my life, and she has had mental issues for most of her life. I would guess that she went off her meds or something. She had always lived with her Mom, who is now in a nursing home, and I suppose Terry doesnt have anyone to look after her. I realize that some people will find this amusing, but always remember before you judge, That there by the Grace of GOD go I.

So yeah, this is not some hee-larious joke of a story about a desperate woman trying to get laid. This is the story of a mentally-ill woman who wasn't taking her meds. And there's always a reason why people stop taking their meds. Mental illness is a famously intractable disease.

Anyway, was it really sex she was after? I hear this story, and it makes me think maybe it was love and affection she was craving -- and not getting, anywhere. Poor thing. I hope she gets some real help.

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Have you ever known someone who stopped taking their meds and had a breakdown?


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