Cops Tear Dylan Redwine's Father's House Apart Looking for Evidence of Teen's Murder

Dylan RedwineThe family of Dylan Redwine has been in a holding pattern since their missing 13-year-old son was found, dead, not far from his father's house in June. But suddenly cops descended on the house of Dylan's dad, Mark Redwine, this week. They tore the place apart. How do we know?

Mark Redwine. He's telling the press everything. Every. Dirty. Detail.


According to Mark himself, the cops removed sections of carpet and wood flooring in his house, the last place Dylan was seen alive last November, when he was visiting his father (Mark and Dylan's mother, Elaine Redwine, are separated and shared custody of their 13-year-old). 

They didn't stop there. Mark told a Colorado news station that the police took a fireplace poker, clothing, and a cellphone from his home. They also dug a hole in his yard, underneath an outdoor staircase. 

What were they looking for?

Isn't it obvious?

Mark Redwine's house is the scene of the crime. They're looking for evidence.

Which leads us to the real question: why is Mark telling everyone? And in such detail?

Isn't he afraid? The cops haven't officially named him as a suspect in his child's murder, but they are SEARCHING HIS HOUSE.

It's not looking good for dad. And his big mouth is a strange response. Don't lawyers usually tell you to shut up at this point? Doesn't he have one?

Perhaps Mark Redwine thinks the best defense is a good offense? Word got out pretty darn quickly that there were cops at his house, thanks to the Justice for Dylan Redwine Facebook page, which had this snarky gem up on yesterday:

I know that many of you in the Community saw Law Enforcement at Mark's house this afternoon. Most definitely 10 SUV's are noticeable and I know there are a lot of questions. I just wanted to confirm this information is true. But that's about all I can tell you for now. Justice is coming, I can promise you that. I would also like to add that I hope Mark is enjoying this beautiful summer evening, because I am. Love and Light

He had to know people were wondering what was going on.

And he has to know people have been wondering if he had something to do with his son's murder (yes, cops say it was a murder). His ex-wife has been intimating in the press that Dylan's dad is a bad, bad dude -- it's why she divorced him. 

If he just wanted to comfort the neighbors about the hubbub, he did a poor job. No one wants to hear that the cops were at the house down the street cutting out bits of carpet in case someone was murdered on it.

As for casting suspicion off of himself, Mark Redwine's openness could be seen as the act of a guy who has absolutely nothing to hide. But it's so odd, so out of the ordinary, that it may well do the opposite for most people.

Whatever comes of it, let's hope the cops can find the answer to this tragedy. Dylan Redwine deserves justice.

What do you think of Mark Redwine spilling the beans ... on himself?


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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