Twisted New Details in Hannah Anderson Kidnapping Shed New Light on the Case

James DimaggioThe kidnapping of Hannah Anderson at the hands of family friend James DiMaggio has made national news for obvious reasons. Here is a beautiful 16-year-old girl stolen from her home, forced to live in the woods with the madman who killed her mother Christina and 8-year-old brother Ethan. It's a horror story straight out of every parent's worst nightmare. Who would think it could possibly get worse? Sadly, it has.

New details have been released from unsealed court documents that were opened late on Wednesday, and they are just awful to read. Among them: Both Christina and Ethan were tortured prior to being killed by DiMaggio. He shot and killed the family dog and then rigged his house with explosives.

Clearly this was planned, thought-out, and executed with precision so as to cause maximum pain to this family he was nearly once a part of. He had been a lifelong friend. What could have happened to make him this angry? This wasn't all that was revealed, either.


Apparently, 40-year-old DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah had 13 phone calls between them prior to her being picked up at cheerleading practice by someone unknown. That was when her phone was officially shut off.

Christina's body was found under a tarp in the garage. Next to it lay a crow bar and blood evidence. Ethan's body was found badly burned inside DiMaggio's home.

It also seemed early on as though DiMaggio may have had help from his sister Lora Robinson. A large number of calls had gone back and forth between them. It isn't clear whether they still suspect that or not.

Even with all these stunning new details, the whole thing is still just so mysterious. Why would a man who had been "Uncle Jimmy" to Hannah her whole life suddenly reveal a "crush" on her? Why would he torture and kill a woman he'd been best friends with since high school? Even worse, how could he hurt an innocent 8-year-old boy?

None of this makes any sense, and while DiMaggio deserves every bad thing that has happened to him (as Hannah herself said), it's also a shame he can't be questioned. No one may ever know the truth of what led him on this sick, sick crime spree.

It's a heartbreaking case.

What do you think led DiMaggio to all this?


Image via police

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