Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson Had 'No Idea' Her Mom & Brother Were Killed (VIDEO)

Kidnap victim Hannah Anderson has been reunited with her father after her ordeal in the Idaho mountains with murder suspect James Lee DiMaggio. More news is coming out about what happened in the mountains, and San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore gave an interview saying that Hannah had no idea that her mother, Christina Anderson, and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan, had been killed.


Gore said:

It is clear from the information that we've received, that she was under extreme duress. She was taken out of the county, out of the state, clearly against her will ... Our focus now is on trying to get Hannah all the resources, the help she needs to get through this extremely traumatic ordeal she’s been through.

DiMaggio was killed by FBI agents as he and 16-year-old Hannah hiked in the Idaho wilderness. They were spotted by four horseback riders who thought they seemed out of place and who, when they tried to make conversation with the pair, got the distinct feeling they didn't want to speak. Hannah is reported to have said, "We're in trouble now," and tried to avoid eye contact with the riders. It wasn't until the riders returned and saw the pair on TV that they knew who they were.

Gore also said that DiMaggio had fired at least one shot at agents before he was killed. Previous reports had said he was unarmed.

Hannah has been reunited with her father, Brett Anderson. She has also been reunited with her cat, which was also with them on the trip. It was one of the odd clues that led the riders to believe the two didn't belong in the woods. Said rider Mark John:

The only reason you bring a cat out there is to attract a mountain lion or a bear.

It's a good thing that Hannah was spotted when she was. Had she stayed up in the mountains any longer, who knows what DiMaggio -- or a mountain lion -- would have done to her. Asked if we'll ever know the motivation behind why DiMaggio did what he did, Gore said: "Sometimes you never know ... Clearly he had severe mental problems to do what he did."

Now Hannah will have to deal with the terrible trauma of what happened to her mom and brother.

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Image via Fox 5 San Diego

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