13-Year-Old Girl Called a ‘Predator’ in Sex Abuse Case & Judge Agrees!

shame shame shameWhat could possibly be worse for a 13-year-old girl than being molested by a sexual predator, a grown man? How about having her name dragged through the mud in open court ... by the prosecutor? And then having the judge letting her molester off with a slap on the wrist, not even sending him to jail?

As if it isn't bad enough that people in regular society latch on to victim blaming and rape apologies? Now we have the people of the courts doing it too?


The story goes that Neil Wilson was given an eight-month suspended sentence after admitting he had engaged in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl and created "indecent" images.

Eight months. SUSPENDED. That's like no punishment at all.

And let's remember, this was for sexually molesting a mere child.

Thanks to the public outcry over the lame lowball sentence, Judge Nigel Peters QC (this was in England) is now under investigation, as is Prosecutor Robert Colover, who apparently called the child "predatory" and brought up her "sexual experience" in court, blaming the victim for her own assault. Peters has adjusted Wilson's sentence overall to 12 months in prison, with two suspended, although that's for the other charges against him -- the eight months suspended remains in effect for hurting the girl.

Geez, with "friends" like this working for her in the court system, who needs enemies?

Kids don't cause their own sexual assault. Period. They can't consent; therefore, they can't cause a molestation.

And if you believe differently, you need to remember what it was like to be a kid, to know that you were at the whims of an adult. And, quite frankly, you shouldn't be around kids!

Wilson needs to spend a heckuva lot more time in jail, this girl deserves an apology for being re-victimized, and both Peters and Colover need to be taken off the job.

If they can't recognize who a victim is in a case of molestation of a child, I can't imagine what kind of compassion they summon for adults!

What do you make of this awful case?


Image via rochelle hartman/Flickr

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