Man Arrested for Killing 13-Year-Old Girl Made One Huge Mistake

Murderers can not only be sick, twisted and soulless -- but stupid as hell. And may have been what happened here with this suspect. Ryan Douglas Roberts has been arrested for the murder of 13-year-old Jessica Funk-Haslam, whom he allegedly beat, choked, and stabbed to death after he ran into her in a Sacramento, California baseball diamond, where she'd gone looking for pals after a fight with her parents. He then allegedly left her broken body in the dugout. A horrid and heartbreaking end to a too short life. This happened last year and the case had grown cold until the 23-year-old suspect made the mistake of getting in trouble again.


Roberts was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge and, as has been standard practice since 2009 on felony arrests, his DNA was collected and run through a national database. Well, wouldn't you know that his DNA matched up with the DNA taken from Jessica's body?

Roberts, like anyone else, is innocent until proven guilty, but if his DNA was truly a match, that's about as hardcore evidence as you can get of a crime.

DNA usually gets its man (or woman) eventually. The thing is that people who murder can't stay out of trouble. You don't kill someone one day and then become an upstanding citizen the next and then stay like that for the rest of your life. Well, most don't. A few do and those people are in a league of their own!

But usually people who are capable of the worst of crimes are capable of other crimes and eventually they get caught for something else and their DNA is run through the system. DNA technology is truly astonishing -- though the idea of an enormous DNA database and its potential for harm and corruption is scary. Additionally, this man's DNA was collected even though he was not found guilty of the crime and the charges were dropped. DNA collection laws vary.

It seems like the benefits of DNA collection outweigh the potential use for harm against the public -- but all it will take is one major scandal to change that.

Meanwhile, having a main suspect in Jessica's murder is priceless.

How do you feel about DNA?


Image via KCRA News/YouTube



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