'Sandlot' Actor Tom Guiry Arrested for Headbutting Cop at Airport

Thomas GuiryIt's been a long time since we've heard the name Tom Guiry, who starred in the classic film The Sandlot as Scotty Smalls, but he's making big time headlines now. They're just not for the best of reasons.

The  actor, who's now 31, was arrested on felony charges this past weekend at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston after what's being described as an alcohol-fueled fit. According to the Houston Chronicle, it began about 6:45 p.m. Saturday when United Airlines called police to say that a passenger was too drunk to fly. When officers were trying to give him a break by seeing if he could be taken to a sobering center instead of being charged with public intoxication, he went ballistic.


According to police, he started making threats, tried to kick an officer in the face, and then headbutted him. Yes, I said headbutted. The officer thankfully was only treated for minor injuries, but still, who does that?  Apparently he was throwing around the fact that he was a "celebrity," but that didn't mean much to police who arrested him. He was eventually released after posting $5,000 bail, but what a jerk move all the way around. You're killing us, Smalls!

I get people having a drink or two before a boarding a flight. I'm a nervous flier, and a glass of wine beforehand definitely calms my nerves a bit, but as we see too often, alcohol can also be the source of some really outrageous, rude, and potentially dangerous behavior for some fliers. Remember earlier this year when passengers had to duct tape a drunk passenger down, or the drunk women who stormed the plane's cockpit?  Over and over we stories of how flying and drinking can be a bad mix.

Fortunately, this time the drunk was stopped before boarding, because it certainly could have gotten worse if he'd lashed out once the plane was in the air. But it certainly does make a good case for some more scrutiny of passengers before they board. Hopefully Guiry will learn from this experience, and get any help he may need.

Have you have ever had a bad flying experience with a drunk person on board?


Image via HPD Public Affairs

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