Sneaky 'Sliders' at Gas Stations Targeting Women Nationwide: How to Protect Yourself (VIDEO)

slidersTypically when I think sliders, I think of cute little burgers or sandwiches that are hard to resist, but this new crop of sliders is much more dangerous than just a few extra fat grams. Police are warning people, particularly women, of this sleazy new breed of criminals they've dubbed "sliders" who strike when you least expect it.

According to a report by ABC, sliders are striking at gas stations across the country with increasing frequency.  In a typical scenario, a woman leaves her purses in the car while pumping gas. While she's doing so, one of these brazen thieves slips in and snatches her purse and anything else they can get their hands on in mere seconds, while the woman is right there. Often the victims have no idea what's happened until it's too late.

Houston police officer Jim Woods told WIVB, "They say it's sliding because they're sliding below the eye level of the door."


I can absolutely see how this can happen. I always leave my purse in the car while I pump gas. While I pump I'm typically staring off into space, people watching, or something other than worrying about someone stealing my stuff while I'm right there. So it's easy to understand how someone could do it, but it's the brazenness of the crime that's so disturbing. 

People are desperate, and it seems criminals are getting bolder all the time, doing things like this right under our noses. It's scary, because if they can grab a purse that quickly, they could also sneak into your vehicle, and then do all sorts of unthinkable things from there.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Police say lock your car every time you leave it, even if you're going to be right there, or keep your purse with you. Also, be incredibly aware of your surroundings. As sad as it is, you just can't assume you or your stuff is safe anywhere.

The following video should change the way you pump gas from here on out. Make sure you share it with your daughters of driving age and other women in general.

Have you been a victim of a slider?


Image via ABC

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