Alanna Gallagher Murder Suspect Tyler Holder Thrown in Jail After Hospital Release

tyler holderTyler Holder, the 17-year-old suspected of raping and murdering 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher of Saginaw, Texas, has been released from the hospital and placed in prison. Holder was admitted to a hospital two weeks ago, after he suffered a non-lethal gunshot wound to the head during a shoot-out with police officers who were attempting to serve him a warrant for his arrest. Holder is currently being held in the Tarrant County Jail with a bail of $1 million.

If all the disgusting and horrifying accusations are true, it's a good thing he didn't die in a hospital. That's far too easy an out for him.


For those of you not up to date on this god-awful crime, Alanna Gallagher's body was found on the side of the road in a residential area, naked and bound in a tarp. Police suspect that Holder sexually assaulted and suffocated the young girl before disposing of her body like a piece of garbage. His DNA was reportedly linked to Gallagher, and he allegedly told neighbors that the body in the street belonged to Alanna before anyone else knew. When police approached him, he became belligerent and shot and injured one of the officers, in turn, getting himself shot.

I never thought I would hear myself say that I'm happy a person suspected of such a heinous crime is alive, but in this case, I am. If Holder is guilty of Gallagher's violent and brutal murder, he doesn't deserve to miss out on being publicly humiliated and shamed; thrown in prison; and at the end of the day, probably killed, because Texas, after all, is a state with the death penalty (and a state who has a history of exercising their right to capital punishment). Also, although a trial will obviously be incredibly painful for Gallagher's parents, it will probably offer them more closure than if Holder died in a police shoot-out.

In a situation like this, there is no justice that can really be served. After all, an innocent child was murdered in the positively most horrific way. But if things can be as difficult and painful for Holder throughout the process, I guess at least there's that.

What do you think of this?


Image via Tarrant County Jail

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