Military Wife's Bravery After Being Shot by Husband Could Save Other Families Dealing With PTSD (VIDEO)

samantha brown iraq war veteranSamantha Brown's husband may be an Iraq war veteran, but she herself deserves honor and support for her recent, brave actions and dedication to military families. Brown is currently in recovery after her husband used an AK-47 to open fire on her last month during an argument at their home in Lake Worth, Florida. He shot her in both her legs. Brown has since required five surgeries and skin grafts to her legs, and her husband, Adam, has been behind bars with no bond since the attack.

But as heartwrenching and horrible as this incident was -- especially considering that Brown is struggling to tell their two children what happened -- she knows there's more to the story. She knows her husband doing time in jail isn't the only solution. And she's calling for better care for PTSD, which her husband suffers from. 


Brown explained to WPTV:

PTSD is no joke. ... Experiencing the things he experienced is going to change anybody. It is just a matter of how they deal with it, and I don't think he dealt with it properly. He didn't try as hard as he should have.

At the same time, she says her children are a reason she hopes he can get better.

I know he loves them. That's another reason I want him to get help. I want him to be a part of their lives but I know right now that is not a possibility.

Our hearts break for Brown in the wake of everything she and her family are dealing with right now. But maybe the best way of looking at this is that what happened here could end up helping and protecting military families down the road. Being proactive and outspoken about her husband's need for better treatment could mean other wives and families never have to face what she's been through.

Since having her surgeries, Brown says her main concern is finding work once she is released from the hospital. She's been a server for years, but is now concerned she won't be able to do that job because she can't stand for long periods of time.

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