Father of Missing Amber Alert Children Releases an Emotional Plea for His Daughter's Release

missing childrenThe children in the nationwide Amber Alert sent out across the country haven't yet been located, but their poor father has gone on the record, pleading for their release. Sadly, Brett Anderson, the children's father, only mentioned his daughter Hannah, 16, leading to speculation that perhaps his son Ethan, 8, was the child found burned up with the mother's remains.

The story is horrifying on so many levels. James Lee DiMaggio, 40, was a family friend of both Brett and Christina Anderson. They spent a lot of time at his house and it's his house that was found burned to the ground with the body of the mother and an unidentified young child.

DiMaggio is believed to have left San Diego with Christina's two kids and was thought to possibly be heading to Canada.


As of now, no one knows where they are, though, and they have been missing for days. In their father's emotional statement, he said:

Jim, I can't fathom what you were thinking. The damage is done. I'm begging you to let my daughter go. You've taken everything else. Hannah, we all love you very much. If you have a chance, you take it, you run. You'll be found.

Can you even imagine? My heart breaks for this poor father who just wants to see his children again. Reporters asked why the boy wasn't mentioned in the statement and the sheriff explained that the remains may be Ethan. They may also be those of a child not yet reported missing. As of now, it's unclear.

What is clear is that these children have to be found as soon as possible. There really is no clear motive as to why a family friend would do something so cruel and horrific. If there is more information, it isn't being released. As of now, the most important thing is finding these children and hopefully finding at least one of them still alive. I can't even fathom what their father is going through.

Anyone who spots these kids and/or DiMaggio should call the San Diego County Sheriff's Department's homicide unit at 858-974-2321 and after hours at 858-565-5200, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.

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