New Bride Killed in Venice Beach Boardwalk Rampage Never Got to Say Goodbye to Her Husband (VIDEO)

People are still in shock over what happened in Venice Beach, California over the weekend. A man drove up onto the famed Los Angeles boardwalk and began plowing down people with his car. And it doesn't look like an accident. Witnesses say it appeared the man was aiming directly for people and was intent on killing them. One woman was killed; 11 others were injured. The man, Nathan Campbell, has been arrested and charged with murder.

Newlywed Alice Gruppioni, 32, should have been having one of the best days of her life. And until Campbell entered it, she was. Alice and her husband, Christian Casadei, were on their honeymoon. The pair live in Italy. One minute, the pair were strolling on the promenade, enjoying the beautiful, sunny day, and the next, Alice was dead.


This is so heartbreaking. Christian is still in disbelief that his new wife is gone. He reportedly said:

We were walking, we were happy, we were on our honeymoon and everything, and suddenly everything changed. I still can't believe it, and I don't even remember exactly what happened. It's all very confusing.

Imagine beginning your new life with your new husband, and then, in a flash, it's over. For no reason. The couple were only married two weeks ago and sunny Los Angeles was their dream honeymoon destination.

Christian reportedly told an Italian news agency:

It's a tragedy. There's nothing more to say.

Pictures of the attractive pair on Facebook show them smiling and happy at their wedding. No doubt they were planning many more years of love, travel, and togetherness. Maybe children.

And now Christian will plan a funeral instead.

A reason for the driver's carnage hasn't yet been released -- if there is one. But it's pretty telling that he ran from the scene despite absolutely seeing the death and mayhem he had just caused. It's inconceivable that someone would want to do this on purpose. But as we know from Sandy Hook Elementary and many other tragedies, the inconceivable does happen.

You just don't expect it to happen on your honeymoon.

What do you think happened?

Image via Sweet California Photography/Flickr

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