Father Who Lost His Family in Brutal Home Invasion Is Expecting a New Baby

Cheshire murdersIt was one of the worst crimes in Connecticut history. Dr. William Petit was asleep on his couch when two armed men broke into his home in Cheshire, Connecticut. For seven hours, convicted murderers Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky raped, tortured, beat, and terrified Petit and his wife Jennifer as well as their two girls Michaela, 11, and Hayley, 17.

Now, six years after the home invasion that shook and terrified the whole country, Dr. Petit has shared some wonderful news: He and his new wife Christine are expecting a baby on December 3 this year.

The details of the case were so shocking and gruesome, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to come back from that. Komisarjevsky saw the younger child and her mother out grocery shopping, followed them home, and then waited until 3 a.m. to break into their house. HBO recently ran a documentary, Cheshire Murders, on the case, which brought back the horror for so many viewers.


Petit sat through the trial, listening to every horrible detail of the crime, which included the rape of his 11-year-old daughter, beating Dr. Petit's head with a baseball bat, raping the mother, and then finally dousing the entire family with gasoline and setting the home ablaze.

The crime was breathtakingly brutal. It's hard to imagine that people could be so cruel. The home in Cheshire has since been torn down and a memorial garden built where it once stood.

Amazingly, like the garden, new life also began to flower for Dr. Petit. He met his wife through his foundation and slowly began to fall in love with her. They were married last August.

It's such a testament to the human spirit that anyone can come back from something like that and live again. Petit has always been an inspiring person. His commitment to his family and his love for them were always very evident throughout the trial as he bravely spoke out. He made sure their deaths weren't in vain through his Petit Family Foundation that "tries to do as many good actions as possible to counteract the evil that truly exists in the world today."

And now a baby, too. A new shot at life. He still has nightmares, but at least he has some light to counteract the dark. My heart goes out to him and his new wife. They are an amazing testament to life and love.

Are you surprised he remarried and is expecting?


Image via Vince LoPresti/Flickr

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