Group of Children Save 6-Year-Old From Possible Child Molester in Dramatic Rescue

pedophileA group of children in Indiana is being credited with saving the life of a 6-year-old girl who was allegedly led away from a playground by 19-year-old Caleb P. Cooper. Authorities say he took the girl to his apartment and the group of children she was playing with (including her big brother) gave chase. When he refused to open the door, they banged on every door in the apartment until someone did and they called 9-1-1. Amazing.

As parents, we are usually pretty good about telling our kids about the danger of strangers and what can happen if they follow someone offering to "show them kittens" (as Cooper did), but we don't always tell them what to do if their friend is in danger.

Luckily it seems these kids somehow knew instinctively. And thank goodness they did. Authorities say they found a knife in his apartment and were afraid of how this might have ended had the children not acted so quickly.


When the cops broke into the house, they saw Cooper looking like he had put on his clothing in a hurry. They ran into a bedroom and found the child naked and trying to put on her clothing. She told the officers: "He was trying to have sex with me!"

Can you even imagine? A 6-year-old girl should never, ever say those words.

Chasing after a pedophile isn't something I would teach my kids. Would anyone? But the fact that these kids did may have saved this little girl's life. Maybe we should tell our kids differently. Maybe they should try to help their friend as quickly as they can. After all, this story only has a happy ending thanks to them and their courage.

These kids may very well have saved her life. They are heroes. Now, let's just hope that justice is served and this little girl can recover from the trauma.

Do you teach your kids what to do if they see a crime happening?


Image via Alan Cleaver/Flickr

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