105 Teens Forced Into Prostitution Rescued & 150 Sickos Arrested

girlThe thought that your child could one day become a victim of sex trafficking is unimaginable to most parents. Though, the sad reality is, it is a big crime in this country. But there is good news in the fight against the monsters that exploit children. A massive law enforcement sweep has captured more than 150 pimps in 76 US cities and saved dozens of children. Dozens!


Police freed 105 children between the ages of 13 and 17 who were being forced into sex slavery. And it wasn't an easy feat. The mission, which was called "Operation Cross Country," involved 230 different law enforcement units and went down over three days at race tracks, truck stops, motels, and casinos.

It's an incredible win for the good guys. This is the seventh such raid under the FBI's "Innocence Lost" program, which has saved 2,700 kids over the last 10 years. It's so sad and shocking that this is such a major crime in this country, but the FBI says that children from broken homes and living in poverty are the most likely victims of it. The pimps are well practiced at being manipulative, making the child victims think they have no other choice but to live a life of prostitution.

The prison term for these criminals ranges from 15 to 50 years and gives these exploited children a chance at a real future. Hopefully this crackdown will give those children who still may be trapped hope and make would-be pimps think twice about committing this heinous and cruel crime in the first place.

Do you think police and the government are doing enough to stop sex trafficking?


Image via FrauShutze/Flickr

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