New Details of Alanna Gallagher Murder Suspect Will Give You the Chills (VIDEO)

New information is coming out about 17-year-old Tyler Holder, the teen suspect in the horrific murder of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher, who was found naked and bound under a tarp in the middle of the street in Saginaw, Texas. Holder was shot in the head after he opened fire on police as they tried to serve a warrant for his arrest after DNA evidence recovered from Gallagher's body matched Holder's. Holder remains in critical condition in the hospital.

Shocking details have emerged about Holder -- including that he was the main suspect from the beginning because of his reputation as a troublemaker in the neighborhood and because he told neighbors that the body in the street belonged to Alanna before anyone else knew. But other sordid details have emerged -- including that Holder had written a letter of apology.


The letter, which cops found in his home, was not to Alanna nor to Alanna's family, but to his own mother. Reportedly, it said: "I love you, I'm sorry." A statement that surely will be argued as an admission of guilt if the case reaches trial.

Other details:

- Children's jewelry was found in Tyler's room, including a purple Timex watch with pink and green flowers on it and girls' necklaces and jewelry. No word if these items belonged to Alanna, but it's scary to think there might be other victims out there.

- Holder's journal was taken from the home -- let's hope he likes to scribble down his actions so prosecutors will have more evidence.

- During an interview with police, Holder (who had a girlfriend) admitted having sex with other men. They also found a picture on his cellphone of him and a garden hose "in a sexual position."

- Holder apparently loved weapons, carving knives, and making "sick jokes."

- A schoolmate remembers him as the type of person you'd be nice to for fear he would come "shoot up the school" someday.

While in retrospect, this makes you wonder WHY this kid was left to roam around a neighborhood where he could allegedly kill a little girl, the majority of it is stuff teens and adults do every day and never kill anyone. With his green hair, love of pot, bad boy tendencies, and sick jokes, he could be any idiot in any town. What made him take it so much further, into murderous territory, if he did it? No one will know the answer to that unless he recovers from his gunshot wound and starts talking. And even then he'll probably lie.

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