Amanda Berry's First Public Appearance Since Her Rescue Comes as a Shock (VIDEO)

amanda berry stage

Fans attending the RoverFest concert in Cleveland yesterday got a huge surprise when kidnap victim Amanda Berry showed up on stage, making her first public appearance since being rescued from captivity.

As you will see in this video from the show, Amanda walked on stage with her family as the stunned crowd cheered -- and they really went wild after her name was announced and everyone realized who, exactly, the show's guest of honor was.


It must have felt amazing for Amanda to stand up on that stage while rapper Nelly sang to her, all while knowing that her captor, Ariel Castro, accepted a plea deal that will keep him in jail for the next 1000 years (which still isn't quite long enough if you ask me.)

Amanda has obviously come such a long way, and it's so wonderful to see her smiling, dancing, and having fun at a concert like a normal 27-year-old. Hopefully this is only the beginning of many more good times to come for her!

Are you surprised that Amanda chose a concert for her first public appearance?


Image via ABCNews/YouTube

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