Pot Farmers Arrested for Keeping Teen Rape Victim in a Metal Toolbox (VIDEO)

A lot of people think of marijuana as a victimless crime, but in the case of one 15-year-old girl who was allegedly kept in a toolbox and forced to work on a pot farm, it definitely wasn't. Two Northern California men were arrested for running an illegal pot farm with over 1,000 plants, and also for allegedly keeping the teen girl as their sex slave/pot farm worker. The most horrific part is that they reportedly kept her in a small metal toolbox.


Ryan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Pearmain, 24, not only allegedly kept the unnamed girl in a 4 feet by 2 feet toolbox for days on end and forced her to "cut buds," but they used her as a sex slave. Bondage devices were found near the box, which had holes drilled into it so the girl could breathe. Police also found a noose and a rack that would be used to hold someone against their will.

That is a small box. Unless she was super tiny, she wouldn't have even been able to stand up straight or sit down.

And reportedly the men actually had the nerve to call her a "trooper" for not screaming when she was put in the box -- as if she might not have been frightened into catatonia and muteness!

If all of this weren't bad enough, police think there were other female victims. Police are still working to verify that.

The girl was found when she somehow discovered that cops were looking for her and was able to contact them from her cellphone, which they then traced to the farm.

The men also had a massive arsenal of military-grade weapons, the largest in the area's history. Hey, but at least some people got their pot, right? Pot lovers might want to think about where their pot comes from. Chances are it's not from some old lady's tomato garden.


Editor's Note: According to the news video from KPIX, the victim had a cell phone.

Image via KPIX

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