Carjackers Kill Boy Even Though Sister Gave Them Everything They Wanted

Steven Galindo DiazThe search is on in Atlanta, Georgia for the killers of a 13-year-old boy who was shot during a carjacking. Police say Steven Galindo Diaz was helping his older sister, Samaria Diaz, put air in her tires, when they were confronted by robbers with guns. The men took Samaria's necklace and tried to take her truck, but when it wouldn't start, they shot her little brother in frustration.

What is wrong with these people?


Who shoots someone because they can't steal their vehicle?

Who shoots a child?

Who shoots ANYONE?

From all accounts, Samaria Diaz did what you're supposed to do when a robber confronts you. The 22-year-old handed over her car keys. She let them take her necklace. She didn't put up a fight against men armed with a gun and a bat. And when her little brother was shot, she stayed by his side. She started CPR. 

She did everything right.

And everything was stolen from her. Her necklace. Her sense of safety. Her baby brother's life.

My heart goes out to Steven's whole family right now, but especially to Samaria. She was the responsible adult watching her little brother, and she did everything she could to keep him safe.

But sometimes doing everything right isn't enough ... because monsters exist in this world.


Image via police

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