6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher’s Murder Case Takes Astonishing Turn -- Police & Teen Suspect Shot!

The mystery of who killed little Alanna Gallagher is breaking wide open this minute. Police reportedly tried to serve an arrest warrant to a teen suspect in the neighborhood of Saginaw, Texas, where 6-year-old Alanna was found brutally murdered, wrapped naked in a tarp sheet, and left in the middle of a suburban street. The press soon focused on Alanna's family -- although police said that they were never suspects -- because of its unusual dynamics. Alanna's parents, Laura and Miles, are in a polyamorous relationship with another man, who lived in the house and was a "second father" to Alanna. But reportedly DNA evidence just analyzed found on Alanna matched that of a 17-year-old neighbor, Tyler Holder.


Today, police reportedly tried to arrest him, but he came to the door with a gun and opened fire. News reports say the officer was shot in the leg and is conscious. Police returned fire and shot Holder -- an early report said he was shot in the head and his condition is unknown at this time.

Police, ambulances, and fire trucks are currently on the staggering scene. This could be the answer the family needs for some kind of closure -- though certainly the question "Why?" can never be answered.

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The family had lately been subjected to at least one random attack -- the car in their front yard was set on fire and determined to be arson. It's unclear whether the family was being attacked because of the Alanna case, but it stands to reason that someone either thought the family was guilty -- or didn't like their polyamorous lifestyle. Or both. Or perhaps Tyler Holder is involved in that as well.

It remains to be seen what Tyler Holder will say about everything -- or even if he's alive. It would be terrible to believe that a teen neighbor, someone who probably knew the family and Alanna, could have done this.

Hopefully the family will find some small amount of closure soon. And Alanna's murderer will be brought to justice.

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Image via Saginaw Police Dept.

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