Arrest in Toddler Elaina Steinfurth's Disappearance Could Blow This Case Wide Open

missing girl Elaina SteinfurthIt's been nearly two months since she went missing, but police may finally be close to finding missing Ohio toddler Elaina Steinfurth. The last person to see the little girl alive -- aside from her mother -- has been arrested! Steven King, boyfriend of Elaina's mom, Angela Mories Steinfurth, has been charged with felony obstruction of justice.

It's not murder. It's not kidnapping. But it's something. 


And after nearly two months of nothing, Elaina's family NEEDS something.

To refresh your memory, Elaina's dad, Terry Steinfurth Jr., went to pick up his kids from his ex-wife, Angela, on June 2. At the time, he said Angela claimed Elaina was napping and refused to hand over the baby. He left and came back with his dad later that day to once again try to pick up his daughter.

Terry has said Steven King got belligerent at one point during the confrontations, and he's also said King scurried out the back door of the home he shared with Angela.

Since then, Angela has been arrested for child endangerment, but King has been a mystery.

A mystery to us on the outside and apparently a mystery to the cops too. They say he's been impeding their investigation -- hence the arrest of Steven King.

He's innocent until proven guilty here, but I have to say this whole thing stinks to high heaven. If the baby was kidnapped by a third party, then why wouldn't King want to spill his guts to the cops? He should be doing everything in his power to help get this kid home; it's the right thing to do. It's the HUMAN thing to do! We're talking about a missing baby girl! 

The fact that he isn't is cruel and suspicious.

Does it mean he's responsible? Of course not.

But it means that the answers for this family could be unlocked by forcing King to open up, something only this arrest can really do. If he knows something, he owes it to Elaina, the little girl he lived with, the little girl he played with, to say something.

He can give police something to go on. He can help move this case along. He CAN do the right thing.

Hopefully he will.

What do you make of this guy being so quiet on what happened in the last few hours before Elaina disappeared?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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