Search for 6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher's Murderer Turns Up New Lead

Alanna GallagherIt's been hard to look away from the investigation into the mysterious death of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher in Saginaw, Texas. The little girl was found in the middle of her family's street wrapped in a tarp just before the July 4th holiday. Since then, we've heard about her parents' polyamorous relationship, heard word that a pickup truck police have been looking for may have been involved in an attempted abduction of two other little girls, and now things have really gone off the rails. 


Just three weeks after Alanna was reported missing by her family, there were not one but two fires at the family's residence this past weekend.

Police say at least one, a fire that burned the Gallagher family sedan in their front yard after they went to bed, was arson. A fire of a makeshift memorial set up for Alanna is still undetermined -- there is the possibility that it was sparked by a candle.

Fortunately Alanna's siblings weren't home at the time of the car fire on their lawn, and the police have said there have been no direct threats to the family. Still, it's unsettling ... to say the least.

What are the odds of two fires at one residence in a matter of hours? It's so unbelievable I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for the reports straight from the cops. This family is being dealt cruel blow after cruel blow, and they just don't seem to stop.

Remember that truck the cops have been searching for since day one? The one that a father 14 miles away said tried to abduct his kids, seeming to take suspicion off the Gallagher family that they might somehow be involved in their daughter's death?

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Suddenly the attention is off the pickup and on to two cars, surveillance photos of which were released by police this weekend:

Alanna Gallagher surveillance photos

The cops have a $10,000 reward for information that leads to Alanna's killer, and that includes IDing these cars which may or may not have been involved or seen something that went on the day she disappeared.

Got that? May or may not.

Following Alanna's case is like a game of tennis with your head going back and forth, back and forth. Only it isn't a game. A little girl's life (and death) is on the line, and her family's future hangs in the balance.

Hopefully this new lead is the one that will finally end their nightmare.


Images via Saginaw Police

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