Body of Missing Brenna Machus Found in Woods Nearby Her Dollar Store Job

brenna machusWe have a heartbreaking update to the story about the Dearborn, Michigan Family Dollar Store clerk who went missing following a murder and robbery. Twenty-year-old Brenna Machus' body was found in a wooded area two miles away from the store. Now we know where she is -- but our worst fears have come true. I'm so sorry for Machus' friends and families. We were all hoping she would be found alive, and soon.

Brenna was just going to work, trying to earn a living, and this happened to her. When she left for her job that day, she probably had no idea that things would end so horrifically for her. Same with her co-worker, Joe Orlando. Neither of them deserved to die yesterday. And now it's even more imperative that police find their killer.


As we mentioned, it appears the attacker may have known Joe or Brenna -- or maybe both of them. The surveillance camera shows him waving to someone inside the store before entering. We know from countless other cases that you are much more likely to be attacked by someone you know than by a stranger. That may make finding the culprit easier for the police, but it never makes things easier for the victims' loved ones left behind.

I hope they do find the attacker soon. Police are questioning a woman who was in the store that evening and are looking for a second woman who was also in the store. They have some promising leads so far, and the case is still fresh.

Meanwhile, a "shining star," as Brenna's mother Lisa described her, is gone from the world. We began the day with news of one murder, and now there are two. Our hearts go out to both victims' family.

Do you think police will find the culprit soon?


Image via City of Dearborn

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