96-Year-Old Woman Foils Robbery Attempt With Tootsie Rolls & Tough Talk (VIDEO)

96-year-old woman margaretta wolfA 96-year-old woman named Margaretta Wolf who has owned Wolf's Grocery Store in Marshfield, Wisconsin for 50 years deserves a standing ovation today after proving that age really is nothing but a number. She reportedly stood up to an attempted thief who was trying to rob her grocery store and seemingly drove the masked man away with some tough talk.

Wolf recalled what happened after the would-be robber came into the store: "I said, 'I'm not opening up that cash register and that's it. I'm not opening it.' I said, 'You can have all the Tootsie Rolls you want, but I am not opening that cash register.'" Ha! Tootsie Rolls! Well, I guess the thief wasn't all that amused, because his response to that was to place a pocketknife on the counter and flashed its three-inch blade ... Scary.


However, when the man noticed a security camera, he grabbed his knife and ran out the door. Ugh. Thank goodness Wolf was left unharmed -- and police are still looking for the guy.

It's possible this story could have had a very different ending ... Wolf is probably thanking her lucky stars that the man wasn't more aggressive. Still, she deserves props for not even really batting an eyelash at the incident. She just held firm that she wouldn't be robbed. Talk about brave!

Here, Wolf tells her local ABC affiliate what happened ...


What do you think of what happened here? Do you think Wolf was wise to handle the situation as she did?

Image via WKOW.com

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