Young Dollar Store Employee Missing After Her Co-Worker Is Murdered (VIDEO)

Brenna MachusBrenna Kathleen Machus was likely kidnapped from her job at the Dollar Store some time late Monday night during what appears to be a robbery. Police are frantically searching for the 20-year-old and worried that something worse could happen if they don't find her soon.

All they know now is that it appears to be a robbery. Machus' co-worker Joe Orlando was found shot to death by the workers who came to open the store Tuesday morning. Machus was nowhere to be found.

Police have released a surveillance video showing the suspect as he entered the store. See below:


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Machus' brother has spoken openly about how he believes this may have been an "inside job" committed by someone who may have been fired recently. But that is just speculation. I am sure, as a family member of the missing woman, he is thinking of anything and everything.

My heart goes out to her whole family. In many ways, having a loved one missing for any period of time must be almost worse than having them killed. There is the limbo, the fear, the horrible things we can imagine might have happened. Plus the agony of not knowing for so long.

Are they in pain? Do they need us? Are they being tortured in some way? I can't imagine I would be able to eat or sleep because I would be so worried about whether they were doing the same. If she is found alive and brought home, well then they are lucky and the ending is happy. But what if she is never found? Or it takes years? Some families never know. They just always wonder. It's a pain few of us could even begin to comprehend.

We should do everything we can to help end the Machus family's agony. Spread these photos far and wide. Maybe someone will recognize this man and help police recover her and bring her home.

Did you watch the video? Get anything from it?


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