Modeling Mom Says Man Tricked Her Into Sex Slavery Via Instagram

smartphoneSingle ladies, here's another hellish scam you should watch out for. A young Florida mom says she was forced into prostitution when a man named Kevin Attz lured her to New York City -- via Instagram of all things. Attz invited her up for a romantic rendezvous, but instead he held her captive and forced her to turn tricks for 12 days until she managed to escape, she says.

The 23-year-old mother of two had been working as a model when a man from Brooklyn started leaving seductive comments on her photos on Instagram. She claims Attz promised to cover her travel expenses and give her $150 in travel money, so she accepted his invitation. Once she arrived, though, he threatened to beat her and throw her into the river if she didn't start working for him.


According to the woman, whose identity has been kept confidential, Attz kept her in a hotel room in New Jersey, depriving her of food and sleep. He drove her to locations around New York City to perform acts with clients Attz had found. She finally escaped her awful situation when Attz left her unattended in a drug store and she alerted a clerk.

So that's terrifying! I think it's easy to blame the victim here. Clearly it was reckless and naive of her to travel to meet a man she didn't know. But foolishness just makes you a victim. What about this asshole with his Instagram prostitution scam? I can't believe he actually thought of this plan -- and that he carried it out. Don't you just hate reminders that there are creeps out there like him?

It reminds me of Ariel Castro, the man who imprisoned three women in Cleveland. Attz was probably on the path to becoming another Ariel. You start by treating one woman as a possession rather than as a human being, and then another, and another. I'm glad this woman escaped -- and I'm glad Attz was caught.

Meanwhile, Attz's brother didn't buy the story at all. "You don’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do," he told the Daily News. Riiiiight. Nice job justifying this to yourself. I guess that says a lot about the family's moral compass.

Have you ever received a comment from a stranger on Instagram or other social media?


Image via Phil Campbell/Flickr

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