Daycare Owner Let Her Boyfriend Cook Meth While Kids Played in a Nearby Room

amanda taylorReady for another story sure to give you anxiety the next time you drop you kids off at daycare? Here ya go! A woman in Davenport, Iowa was caught operating a licensed daycare in the same house where her boyfriend ran a meth lab. A METH LAB! Though some people feel that the sentence she received for this crime is way too harsh. 


Amanda Taylor was given 10 years in prison, which is surprising for a first-time offender. It's even more shocking when you learn that her boyfriend, who pleaded guilty to four felonies, got a 25-year suspended sentence and was released on probation. After all, the lab didn't blow up and no one was hurt, right? Well, they could have been. And there is no telling what damage inhaling those meth fumes have done to those children. Chronic exposure could cause cancer and damage to the brain, liver, kidney, spleen, and immune system. During the trial, one mom tearfully described the headaches and sleepless nights her son, who tested positive for meth exposure, was already suffering from. They have no idea what other problems the kids may develop.

It's not as though Taylor didn't know what was going on in that house. Court documents say she provided her boyfriend with meth-making substances. She was essentially putting the health of all those children at risk -- which deserves a serious penalty, as far as I am concerned. A daycare should be a safe haven for kids. Parents certainly expect it to be. Those families deserve justice for what has happened to them.

As hard as that decade-long stint behind bars will be on Taylor, it serves a greater purpose than just punishing her. This is a perfect warning for all those negligent daycare workers who haven’t been caught yet. The sentence is harsh for a first-time offender, but the lesson is no matter who you are, you can’t put kids in jeopardy that way.

Do you think this sentence was fair?

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