Hero Neighbor Charles Ramsey Says Cleveland Kidnapping Fame Ruined Him (VIDEO)

The three women who were allegedly held for a decade against their will in a house of horrors in Cleveland apparently weren't the only victims of Ariel Castro -- neighbor hero Charles Ramsey says his sudden fame has cost him his job and now he's gone from "dead giveaway" to "dead broke." Charles worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant, but lost that somehow. He blames the fame that sent him on a media and speaking tour. Friends say he made $50,000 in a month and even bought himself a $8,000 BMW, and online donations came to $15,000, yet the hero claims he's totally spent and has been couch surfing with friends. Yikes. How did this happen?


Charles, who helped Amanda Berry break out of Castro's house, claims he hasn't been able to get a job because people don't want to hire him for his "skills" -- he says he can prep cook, dishwash, cater, and do anything in a restaurant -- but because they think they "will make a lot of money."

I can't imagine what happened to Charles's money, but he claims he paid off some debt. Then, however, he goes on to say that he has stopped answering his phone due to debt collectors hounding him.

"Money goes fast if you have bills," says Ramsey, seeming offended by the idea that he has more money than he does.

Well, I have no idea what exactly happened to the money that Charles either did or didn't make, but I have a good idea what is preventing him from getting a job. Companies don't want the kind of attention that Charles can bring -- nor do they want his mouth.

Charles should probably have a reality show. But then again, so should a lot of people. The truth is that personality can get you press, but press doesn't necessarily get you money. Charles would have to sign a book deal or something like that, and my guess is he's not a writer. Nor is his story the big one from this horrific happening. That would belong to the women. Maybe Lindsay Lohan would let him guest star on her show?

Still, it's sad to think that a guy who stepped up the way he did would be out of a job. Jobs are tough to get these days, but can't someone give Charles a chance? Then again, maybe Charles is brilliantly claiming to be broke so his creditors (including, apparently, his ex-wife) will leave him alone. And that criminal record of his due to domestic violence can't be helping with potential employers either.

Too bad Charles didn't make a buck from every view his "Dead Giveaway" video got on YouTube. He'd be worth $16 million!

Nevertheless, Charles says he wouldn't go back to obscurity, telling the U.K.'s Daily Mail about his post-Amanda Berry fame, "Of course I’m not gonna give that up. You’ve only got one shot at life unless you know something different I don’t."

Fame ... ain't it a bitch?

Would you hire Charles?


Image via Daily Mail

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