Cop Arrested for Sexual Assault of 16-Year-Old But Says It's Her Fault (VIDEO)

I think we'd like to believe that cops hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of us, but sadly that is not always the case. A police officer in Staten Island was arrested for attempted rape and endangering the welfare of a child after being caught having sexual relations with a 16-year-old. And who caught him? None other than his poor wife, of course. But wait 'til you hear Peter Ciollo's excuse for why he got caught with his pants down with a teen girl.


Ciollo is charged with attempted rape for allegedly plying the teen girl with alcohol, bringing her back to his house, and then showing her pornography and beginning to try and have sex with her. No word on whether he actually succeeded as the girl says she woke up in "someone else's underwear" and then was discovered in bed with the cop when the wife walked in.

Reportedly, however, the wife is standing by her man and wept while he was in court. Lame.

But we haven't even gotten to the really creepy part yet. The cop blamed the victim for the assault, reportedly saying, "She came on to me." And claiming she told him she was 17.

Well, first off. I don't care if SHE came on to you. You are the adult, and if you choose to cheat on your wife with a girl who looks even remotely under 21, check her damn license! Additionally, don't run around giving teen girls alcohol, as even if she WAS 17, the drinking age is still 21, or did you somehow not know that, Mr. Police Officer?

The whole "she made me do it" defense is egregious. Yes, as a married man, and a cop, and a human being, you CAN control yourself. What a douche.

Do you think this is an excuse?


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