Dad Accused of Lighting 7-Year-Old on Fire & Making His Own Kids Watch (VIDEO)

Talk about a terrible boyfriend. A Pennsylvania man stands accused of dousing his girlfriend's 7-year-old son with lighter fluid, setting him on fire, and using his cellphone to record it all. I hope like hell the cellphone evidence puts this monster in jail. Not only that, the man, Edward B. Myers, allegedly got his own two sons involved in the attack -- and urged them to shoot the young boy with air guns. It's one thing to be a sick bastard, but another thing to train your two kids to be sick bastards too.


According to reports, the 7-year-old was taken to the hospital with third-degree burns on his face and chest and welts on his forehead. First, the man allegedly encouraged his sons, ages 11 and 15, to shoot air rifles at his girlfriend's child after she left the house.

Then the man (I use that term loosely) reportedly threw something in the boy's eyes that burned, so he went to the bathroom to wash them. After he did that, the guy allegedly poured nail polish on him.

But he wasn't finished yet, because after that the boy says that either the man or his teen son did "something" to him that lit his shirt on fire. He says no one helped him and it was hours before his mom came home and took him to the hospital.

Now, we can all go on about what kind of mom this was to leave her kid with such a disgusting excuse for a human being, but I'm going to assume she had no idea he would do something like this. Even though I find it hard to believe he was a standup guy.

What I find so nasty besides what he allegedly did is that he's training his kids to grow up to be just like him. Hopefully this guy will end up in jail and his children will have no contact with him, because we definitely don't need two more like him running around in the world.

But it might be too late for the teen, who was arrested along with his poor excuse for a father.

Should the teen be charged if he was just copying dad?


Image via Butler County Prison

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