Psychic Found Missing Autistic Boy Terry Smith's Body After Having Telling 'Visions' (VIDEO)

pam ragland discusses visions terry dewayne smithAs if the horrific case of Terry Dewayne Smith -- the missing 11-year-old California boy who had autism and may have been murdered -- couldn't get any eerier, now a detective involved with the investigation says they were led to the body's remains by a woman who said she had intuitive visions.

Riverside County Sheriff's Detective John Powers told KFI-AM radio yesterday that the Orange County resident, Pam Ragland, found the body matching the description of Terry Smith. And the Sheriff's spokesman, Albert Martinez, also confirmed Ragland's involvement to the AP. Ragland ended up calling a tip line about her vision and then was invited to join the search, according to Powers. Wow, right?

Ragland -- who identifies herself as an intuitive and has an autistic son herself -- shared her compelling experience with NBC ...


Ragland explained:

I got this flash and I saw the boy laying under a tree. I thought he was sleeping. There was a dirt road, and I saw this distinctive building.

She said she called her daughter, who she says is "also intuitive," and asked her to try to "talk" to Terry. That's when she called the Sheriff's department tip line, and she was asked to come down to the scene. During the drive, Ragland said she had another vision -- of “city lights” and the word “no.” When she arrived at the search area, she saw the view she had seen in a vision. “It’s literally like a vision in your head, like you’re looking at something,” she explained.

When someone searching for Terry told her the city lights represented the area they planned to explore, Ragland said, “No, he’s not there.” Instead, she thought Terry was "behind the store," or Menifee Market, which is adjacent to the Smith home and the location where volunteer searchers had gathered. Ragland says, "I had this knowing that he was in a certain direction."

An off-duty firefighter named Dave offered to drive Ragland around to search, she told NBC, and during that drive, she spotted an open shed near the Smith family home that resembled what she had seen in her initial vision. It was there that they saw a single tree like the one Ragland had seen in her vision. And that's where they found the little boy's partially buried body. Detective Powers admitted he searched the area previously himself without seeing it.

It's absolutely heartwrenching what Ragland ended up revealing to authorities, but incredible how she came to it, right? Just goes to show intuition and psychic ability not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to getting to the bottom of a criminal investigation.

Here's the full news report, in which Ragland explains her visions ...

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