Woman Arrested After Crashing Her Own Daughter's Wedding (VIDEO)

woman crashes her own daughters weddingJust about anyone who has an even slightly challenging moment or two with a parent has probably wondered if it would be best to keep them at bay on one of the most pressure-filled, potentially stressful, and exciting days of your life: Your wedding day. You might have even joked about not inviting them. But sadly, sometimes, it's no joke. Some brides have no choice but to decide against inviting a parent due to their behavior or the breakdown of their relationship.

That seems to have been the case in Wyandotte, Michigan recently, where a woman named Debra Becker reportedly showed up to her daughter's wedding uninvited. Yeah ... As you can imagine, things only went downhill from there, and Becker ended up arrested. Agh.


The 54-year-old mom told a local WDIV news reporter, "The bridesmaids told me to leave my daughter's wedding. They were screaming and yelling at me." She explained that all she wanted to do was attend the wedding, that her heart was broken because she hadn't been invited. But police were called to the banquet hall soon after Becker arrived.

Shaken up by the confrontation with the bridesmaids, Becker slammed into the back of the bride's car and another SUV in the parking lot, then took off in her maroon Oldsmobile. When the cops caught up with her, she refused to take a sobriety test, and the authorities say they found an open bottle of liquor along with papaya juice in Becker's car ...

No charges have been filed, as police say they are waiting for the blood test results. But if what they found in the mother's car is any indication of a pattern of behavior, it makes sense why the bride made the difficult decision not to invite her mother ... There's no easy way of handling an alcoholic or abusive parent or relative. Even someone you've excommunicated years ago but wonder in the back of your head deserves an invitation. 

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In a perfect world, it would be fantastic if we could forgive, forget, and move forward with people like that before the Big Day, but that's not always a realistic or appealing option. Sometimes the toughest decision to NOT to invite a certain person (even if they happen to be a parent) really is what's best for the couple. So I can't say I blame the bride here, and it's unfortunate that things had to go down in the ugly way they did. Hopefully, Becker as well as her daughter and her new husband are able to move forward from the upsetting turn of events in the healthiest possible way ... 

Here's the local WDIV news report for more details ...

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Have you ever had to deal with a situation like this?


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