Wedding Crasher Steals Couple’s Gifts but There Is a Silver Lining

wedding giftsYour wedding day should be a day to remember for all the right reasons. You know, your photographer showed up on time and snapped the perfect pictures, the cake tasted better than in the tasting session, your centerpieces glowed perfectly in the moonlight, you now call the man of your dreams your husband, that kind of stuff. For one Pennsylvania couple, their wedding day will always be one to remember for a horrible reason.

Apparently after the happy couple tied the knot, a wedding crasher showed up and stole a gift box full of cash and checks worth thousands of dollars. The man allegedly hovered around the venue during the reception, checking out the scene, and made his big snatch after the festivities were over while wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Party-goers noticed something was up when they saw someone who clearly wasn't dressed for the occasion on their way out.

Yeah, pretty low isn't it? Pretty gutsy to go into the venue, too.


The good news? The couple is happily married. Although the situation isn't ideal, the duo had their dream wedding and celebrated without worrying. They have each other. They have their health. No one was hurt in the incident and they have the rest of their lives to enjoy one another.

Of course, no one wants to deal with this sort of headache, though. According to the father of the bride Glen Bowie, they had to contact more than 100 guests telling them to cancel their checks. All the while, the couple should be focusing on going on a perfect honeymoon and enjoying wedded bliss. Instead, they're making calls.

There is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, though. Luckily a surveillance camera caught images of the man stealing the box. Police have the man's face on tape and have released it into the media and now -- it's plastered all over Facebook. Here's hoping that the new husband and wife can get justice and move on in their new life together. That, and their guests rewrite those checks.

Watch more about the incident, here:

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Can you imagine this happening to you?


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