Son Puts Dad in Critical Condition After Discovering He’s Cheating on Mom

taylor harris
Taylor Harris
I think any of us would be pissed if we looked at our father's phone and saw evidence that he was having an affair. We'd be mad. Sad. And would likely want to punch him in the face. However, most of us wouldn't punch our dad in the face if we found out he was cheating on our mom. And for the few of you who would, it's likely you wouldn't put your old man in critical condition. However, there are exceptions to every rule. And Taylor Harris? He's an exception.

After his dad left his phone on the table while they were out to dinner, Taylor saw a text message from his father's mistress and learned that his father, Leonard, was having an affair. Taylor went outside after seeing the text, and when Leonard came out to see what was wrong, Taylor punched his dad so hard in the face that he suffered a "fractured skull, brain hemorrhage, and spinal cord injury." I'd be super pissed, too, but yikes, this is a little much.


Taylor was arrested and is being charged with aggravated battery and domestic violence. In a way, I feel slightly bad for Taylor. Clearly, he was hurt after learning that his family was being broken up, but his reaction was way too much. Maybe his dad did deserve to be punched or shoved, but injuring the man so seriously that his brain is hemorrhaging doesn't exactly fit the crime.

Because he was emotionally hurt, Taylor obviously wanted to physically hurt his father (and hurt him he did). But now he's the one who has to pay. If convicted, Taylor could go away to jail for quite some time. I doubt that's what he wanted when he clocked his dad square in the face. He would have been better off simply never talking to him again. In fact, both of them would have been better off.

What do you think of this?

Image via Orange County Sheriff's Office

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