Mom Charged With Hiring Hitman to Kill Her Kids' Dad Caught on Tape! (VIDEO)

Julia MerfeldA Michigan mother of two is behind bars on attempted murder charges after she allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband because it would be easier than getting a divorce. It's a story so unbelievable you'd have to see it to believe it. And you can! The mom was caught on tape with an undercover cop posing as a killer for hire!

And if the video proves to be legitimate, it doesn't appear Julia Merfeld was thinking much about her kids when she decided death was easier than divorce. All she cared about?


How fast she could move her girlfriend in ... and how "unmessy" the murder could be so it didn't scare the girlfriend off. Take a look:

Ex-prosecutor: Wife's murder plan 'cold'

Did you catch the part where Merfeld said it would be "easier" to do this than face the judgment of the family or break her husband's heart? How about the part where she said her kids were going to have a rough time knowing Daddy was dead?

Oh, wait, you didn't catch that last part? That's because it wasn't in there.

The couple's young kids were reportedly in New Jersey with relatives when these encounters were videotaped, and it seems it was out of sight, out of mind for mom. This mother of two was allegedly going to have her husband knocked off and move in a new girlfriend, and somehow her kids were going to have to just ... get over it.

Of course, realistically, that wouldn't happen. The death of a parent is tragic for kids. Add in a home invasion and murder, and the kids could very well spend the rest of their lives in a state of constant unease, never sure if their own home was safe. Violent crime doesn't just hurt a victim; it hurts their immediate family too.

A divorce, on the other hand, might be uncomfortable, but let's just get rid of the elephant in the room right now: it doesn't kill anyone. No matter what happens, divorce is something you CAN get over. So can your kids. They can go on to live happy, productive lives.

But from the looks of this video, Julia Merfeld wasn't thinking about her kids. She wasn't thinking about her husband either. She wasn't thinking about anything but herself.

What do you think of this woman's plan?


Image via police

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