Kindergarten Teacher & Mother Arrested for Incest & Rape (VIDEO)

anessa fergusonThis is the last thing you'd expect from a kindergarten teacher. Anessa Dawn Olive Ferguson, a mother of three children who works as a kindergarten teacher, was arrested on incest, rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse charges. She is accused of committing these acts against a boy between the ages of 12 and 16. There are no details about who the victim is, or how he is related to Ferguson. The state defines incest as intercourse with "a victim who the defendant knew to be related, either by blood, adoption, or marriage."

Ferguson's arrest defies everything we imagine when we think of rape and incest. Not only is she female, which is unusual enough, she is a mother and a teacher of young children. She also taught special ed. It's disturbing to know she's been working with kids all this time, though her victim was much older. I can't imagine how horrified the parents of her students must have felt upon hearing this news.


At least her victim wasn't a student at the school where she teaches in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Ferguson was arrested after her victim reported the abuse to his own teacher. Good thing that teacher followed through to help end that abuse -- assuming the accusations are true.

I can see the paranoia this could trigger in some parents. If a kindergarten teacher is capable of such monstrous acts, can you trust your children's teachers? Who knows what they're up to. But we can't live like that. This case is so outside the norm, so freakishly unusual.

I wonder what led Ferguson to commit these alleged acts. Was she abused herself? Is that what planted that pathology? What else could have gone wrong in her life to lead her down this path? It's bizarre to think that a married mother of three children, seemingly a functional, caring, responsible adult, would do something like this. What a sad story. That poor kid.

Are you surprised to hear a mother and kindergarten teacher has been charged with these crimes?


Image via WVUATuscaloosa/YouTube

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