Naked Swimmer Distracts Homeowner So Accomplice Can Rob Him Blind

empty poolSurely, you've heard of some seriously amusing or crazy creative scams in your day, but here's one that's bound to take the cake ... This past weekend in Crossville, Tennessee, a woman aided a man in robbing their 54-year-old neighbor blind by -- get this -- skinny dipping!

Yep, police say that when the couple arrived at the man's house, the woman asked her companion if he'd return home to grab her cigarettes before asking the homeowner if she could swim in his pool. He obliged, and that's when she asked if he would mind if she swam nude. Ha! He said he didn't, so she stripped and proceeded to swim for 20 minutes. The homeowner reportedly hung out that whole time, even being so kind as to hand her a towel when she was done. Aww. And all the while, he was being burglarized by the Clyde to the skinny dipper's Bonnie!


According to police, the woman got dressed and left the homeowner to find that he had been robbed of jewelry, medications, and a handgun -- all worth an estimated $1,195. Yow.

The couple's been called in for questioning, so the case is clearly still in its early stages, but there's one conclusion you can't help but draw here. If all went down as reported, these two were one conniving and creative criminal duo! Who would think to pull the wool over a victim's eyes like this?! I've almost gotta give 'em a round of applause, because it's that wacky! But I'll restrain myself, because it was also a helluva crime. Poor guy. Guess he'll think twice next time he's so easily distracted by a nakey lady!

How crazy is this?! Is this the most creative robbery scheme you've heard of?

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