Lessons Learned From Shocking Home Invasion Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

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Moms are still talking about the shocking suburban home invasion video from a few weeks ago.

To catch you up if you haven’t seen it, a man broke into a suburban New Jersey home, where a mom was alone with her 3-year-old; her 1-year-old was upstairs asleep. He proceeded to beat her relentlessly while her 3-year-old was in the room. The whole thing was caught on nanny cam and it is truly horrifying to watch.

Check out what writers from The Stir have to say about seeing the video, and about your reactions to it:


A few things to think about as you watch the video:

Would you have chosen to stay silent and take the beating, as the mom did in this situation?

Does this crime make you feel differently about having a gun in your home?

Have you taken extra security measures in your home since reading the story/watching the video?

We discuss all these issues and more during our Hangout and give you a surprising update on the case. Check out what we have to say -- then add your own thoughts in the comments.


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